M56 Handheld ultrasound machine for veterinary use swine pregnant

Feature of Swine Ultrasound Machine

Screen update:OLED large screen,full-screen display, clearer vision.

Angle upgrade: the imaging angle is 90°, and the scanning angle is wider.

Probe upgrade: more convenient for hand-held.

New mode: new gestational sac mode is very suitable for scanning the  gestational sac of sows.

Backfat mode: assist automatic measurement.


  • The swine ultrasound machine is with small size,light weight,handheld

  • The ultrasound for pigs compact main body with should & wrist belts,free hands

  • Rubber protector around the scanner against dirt and impact from the outside

  • The pregnancy ultrasound machine for swinere has chargeable battery can be removed easily. Both battery and AC powered.

  • You could make earlier, faster and more accurate diagnosis at the point of animal pregnancy at anytime, anywhere, no matter at animal hospital, even in or outdoor with the swine ultrasound machine.

Swine Ultrasound Machine Details Introduction

Technical specifications for ultrasound for pigs


3.5  MHZ Mechanical Sector

Displayed  Depth

60-190  Mm

Blind  Area

8  Mm

Image Display Angle


Indication Range Of Backfat  Measurement

≤45 Mm  ±1mm


7 Colors

Character  Display

3 Colors

Image  Storage


Battery  Capacity

11.1  V  2800 Mah

Monitor  Size


Power Adapter

Output:Dc 14V/3A

Power Consumption

N-Charge:7W  Charge:19W

Standard Configuration for ultrasound for pigs

Main Unit


3.5 MHz Mechanical sector


User’s Manual

Warranty Card

Company Profile

Eaceni is a swine ultrasound machine manufacturer.We sell swine ultrasound machine and other ultrasound for pigs,such as pregnancy ultrasound machine for swine.Eaceni is a handheld ultrasound machine manufacturer.We are committed to innovation in diagnostic ultrasound and medical imaging. Driven by innovation and inspired by customer demand and trust, Eaceni is now on its way to becoming a competitive brand in healthcare, making healthcare accessible globally.

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