Rocket League Season 6 will launch on March nine

So it is why I am here: to tell you everything that you can likely want to  RL Items  realize about Rocket League Season 6! The launch date, as well as each piece of announced content material has been covered in this article, consisting of the state-of-the-art Nomad Battle Car, this Season's new Rocket Pass, the brand new Neo Tokyo (Comic) Variant Arena, and everything else. Oh, we're additionally going to take a short study the game's new ranked rewards and an entire lot greater. Are you pumped? We're pumped.
Rocket League Season 6 will launch on March nine, 2022, at 8AM PST / 4PM UTC. This is absolutely not surprising thinking about that it's far exactly whilst the Season 5 Rocket Pass is because of expire. Keep in thoughts as well that the Season five Rewards will become to be had from this point onwards as properly. The launch date we're reporting on Cheap Rocket League Items right here continues a long-lived fashion of latest Rocket League seasons usually releasing at the equal day that the previous Season's Rocket Pass ends.
Posted in Sports on September 22 2022 at 10:50 PM

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