About Wemoo.org

At Wemoo, we want to Make Social Media Fun Again. Our Primary purpose is to provide an alternative social media platform where people from all walks of life are welcome to share life without fear of being cancelled. To do that, we ask that you live by the Golden Rule and do unto to others only that you would like done unto you. We all have beliefs, opinions, and even biases based on how we were raised and where we grew up but we need to be aware of what everyone else does as well. We simply ask you to think not just react before you share something on Wemoo. 

 At Wemoo we celebrate everyone’s right to freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to think for themselves. Everyone is different and has differing opinions and ideas based on their own life experiences. But Everyone is EQUAL.

Therefore our promise to You is that Wemoo as a Platform will Never allow Political or Social Advertising Ever.  We will never even allow Public Service Advertising if it appears to push any party’s political or social agenda. 

Wemoo never has and never will receive funding or influence from any governmental, political or social entity or organization. Except where it applies to abiding by the laws of such country. You however are free to promote your beliefs and views as long as you are not doing it by attacking another member of our platform. 

  • Comments violating our standards will be removed or hidden and your account may be suspended or removed. So please treat everybody with respect.
  • Keep it constructive. Use your interactions here to learn about and grow your understanding of others.
  • Our moderators are here to uphold these guidelines for the benefit of everyone, every day.

Everyone is welcome to share their political and social ideas within their posts, forums and blogs but Wemoo will not to influence, promote or hide people’s views simply because they may be unpopular as long as they are within our terms of service.